Order of the Sable Arrows

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Argent, a sheaf of arrows between two flaunches sable within a bordure counterchanged.

Award Charter

In Anno Societatis XXXVIII, during the Reign of Their Royal Majesties Erick and Nichelle, during the stewardship of Seamus and Gwenllian, Baron and Baroness of Mons Tonitrus, there was created and award known as the Order of the Sable Arrows. Charles de Lacy was created Premier.

I. There shall exist in the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus and award known, subject to approval by the college of arms, as the Sable Arrows, which may be given by the Baron and Baroness of Mons Tonitrus to those individuals who distinguish themselves through excellence in the skills of archery and a willingness to teach those skills to others.

II. An individual may receive the Sable Arrows only once.

III. The members of this Order shall be styled as Keeper of the Sable Arrows and shall be entitled to place the initials KSA after their names.

IV. The insignia of the order, "Argent, a sheaf of arrows between two flaunches sable within a bordure counterchanged".

V. Companions of the Order shall take precedence after Silver Morion of Mons Tonitrus.

VI. The Principal and Protector of the Order shall be the Baronial Coronet.

VII. Amendments to this charter shall be made by the Baron and Baroness

VIII. The membership in the Order of all Previous recipients of this award is hereby confirmed.