Order of the Defenders of Mons Tonitrus

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Defenders of Mons Tonitrus.png


Per fess sable and argent, three gyrons issuant from chief argent and three chevronels braced sable.

Award Charter In August of AS 24, Uchdred and Constance did bestow upon Master Alwyn Stewart the title of Lord Defender, in recognition of his tireless efforts in the forming of this Barony.

In August of AS 26, the Order of the Defender of Mons Tonitrus was created by Alwyn Stewart, and is awarded to those good gentles who are called upon to serve as Baron and Baroness.

This award recognizes the tears and laughter, sorrows and joys, pains and pleasures, experienced by those who enjoyed the singular honor and privilege in serving as Baron and Baroness of these Lands.