Centurion of the Silver Morion

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Sable, a morion and a bordure denticulada argent

Award Charter

In Anno Societatis XLIX, during the Reign of Their Solar Majesties Brian and Lia, during the stewardship of Finnian and Brigit, Baron and Baroness of Mons Tonitrus, there was created and award known as the Centurion of the Silver Morion. Johann Wolfgang von Hesse was created Premier.

I. There shall exist in the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus an award known as the Centurion of the Silver Morion, which shall be given by the Baron and/or Baroness of Mons Tonitrus to those persons who have displayed, through long service, excellence in the rapier arts of the Current Middle Ages and are already Companions of the Silver Morion.

II. An individual may receive the Centurion of the Silver Morion only once.

III. The holders of this award shall be styled, Centurions of the Silver Morion and shall be entitled to place the initials CKSM after their name.

IV. The insignia of this order shall be, Sable, a morion helm within a bordure denticulata argent.

V. Companions of this order shall take Precedence after the Order of the Sable Arrows of Mons Tonitrus.

VI. The Baronial Coronet of Mons Tonitrus shall be the Principal and Protector of this order.

VII. Amendments to this constitution shall be made by the Baron and Baroness of the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus.