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Each Year BMMT hosts a variety of Champion events. The include Heavy Fighting (Baron's Champion), Steel Combat (Baroness' Champion), Archery, Arts and Sciences, and Bardic Champions (Bard of Thunder). With the exception of the Arts and Sciences Champion, which is held in June/July, the rest of the champion tournaments are held the day after Mace and Greatsword. Unfortunately the records of the champions from the founding of the Barony in 1989 (A.S. 23) to 1991 (A.S. 26) are missing and so have been omitted, while other missing records are left blank. Names in italics are unconfirmed.

Year Baron's Champion Baroness Champion Archery Champion A&S Champion Bardic Champion
A.S. 27 (1992) Lord Nels Ulfger i Jaren Lord Aaron Blackbow of Eagles Ridge Lady Angelica Peregrine the Red Lady Myrddina O'Dolwyddelan
A.S. 28 (1993) Lord Lochlainn O'Riain Lady Caitlin Morgana Ferch Llywellyn Lord Aaron Blackbow of Eagles Ridge M'Lord Robert du Mont Lady Myrddina O'Dolwyddelan
A.S. 29 (1994) Lady Maddelena de L'amour Vrai
A.S. 30 (1995)
A.S. 31 (1996)
A.S. 32 (1997) Lord Marius Connor o'Connaught Lord Jacques du Monet Lord Breogan de las Rias Altas THL Johann Wolfgang von Hesse
A.S. 33 (1998) Lord Marcus Wilhelm von Reilingen M'Lord Jacques d'Aymonet Lord Breogan de las Roas Altas THL Johann Wolfgang von Hesse
A.S. 34 (1999) Lord Marius Mac Conchobhair Lord Jacques d'Aymonet Lord Breogan de las Roas Altas Lady Madhbh ni Dhubhthaigh
A.S. 35 (2000) Senhor Cocauo Diego Ramiric Lord Jacques d'Aymonet Lord Johann von Salzbrunn Lady Madhbh ni Dhubhthaigh Lady Lizabeth Draco of Lourdes
A.S. 36 (2001) Lord Ricardo Federico Lord Jacques d'Aymonet Senhor Cocauo Diego Ramiric Lady Sibeal inghean Mhurchadha M'Lady Catria Thorfinnsdottir
A.S. 37 (2002) Lord Garret Christopherus du Bourgogne Lord Malachi Cannon Jacques d'Aymonet
A.S. 38 (2003) Lord Ha'kon Thorgiersson Lord Jacques d'Aymonet Lord Thomas de Lacy M'Lady Anna Sophie von Creutznach M'Lord Lughaidh Cruidire
A.S. 39 (2004) M'Lord Elicksander M'Lord Tonatachi Senshi Lord Jacques d'Aymonet Lady Christine von Guuten THL Brigit ni Sheachnasaigh
A.S. 40 (2005) Lord Alexander of Tyre THL Egan Smilebringer Thegn Shamus Sinclair Lady Tegan of Liskeard Lady Captain Gavin Featherstone
A.S. 41 (2006) Lord Gregory Whitehawk THL Jacques d'Aymonet Thegh Shamus Sinclair Lady Anna Sophie von Creutznach Lady Juliana la Caminante de Navarra
A.S. 42 (2007) Lord Gerrett Christopherus du Bourgogne Lord Heinrich Loescher von Rostock Lord Thomas de Lacy Lady Siobhan Lindsay MacCumhal Lady Captain Gavin Featherstone
A.S 43 (2008) Thegn Charles de Lacy THL Jacques d'Aymonet Master Shamus Sinclair Lady Seadna Mey of Caithness m'Lord Friedrich Sybold
A.S. 44 (2009) Lord Martin de Gras Captain Gavin Featherstone Lord Charles Veitch Lady Caoilfhionn inghean Mhaoil Ruanaidh Captain Gavin Featherstone
A.S. 45 (2010) Wilhelm Morgenstern M'Lord Koga Takashirou Kagehiro (Taka-go) Lord Roberto Raimondo de los montana de trieno Lady Tiphina of Ledbury
A.S. 46 (2011) Lord Finnian Tulloch MacLeod m'Lord Taida Shigekune (Hei-go) m'Lord Robert Redbowe Lady Caoilfhionn inghean ui Mhaoil Ruanaidh THL Brigit ni Sheachnasaigh
A.S. 47 (2012) Lord Marius mac Conchobhair Lady Isobel inghean Alasdair Lord Randolph Caparulo THL Johann Wolfgang von Hesse THL Brigit ni Sheachnasigh
A.S. 48 (2013) Lord Gregory Whitehawk Bannthegn Juliana la Caminante de Navarra Lord Finnian MacBride Lady Seonaid inghean Mhuireadhaigh
A.S. 49 (2014) Lord Liam BearSark Lady Hamasaki Miyako Master Thomas de Lacy THL Johann Wolfgang von Hesse m'Lady Alyssa of Mons Tonitrus
A.S. 50 (2015) Lord Liam BearSark Master Koga Takashirou Kagehiro (Taka-go) Master Thomas de Lacy Lady Margerita da Ferrara Lady Ilaria de la Volpe
A.S. 51 (2016) Lord Ruan MacCumhail Thegn Heinrich Loescher von Rostock Gunnvarðr Egilsson Ambre Renee of Mons Tonitrus Lord Liam Warr
A.S. 52 (2017) Master Koga Takashirou Kagehiro (Taka-go) THL Hamasaki Miyako Lord Johannes de Lours Lord Johannes de Lours Lady Bronwyn Fraser
A.S. 53 (2018) Master Heinrich Loescher von Rostock Lord Jashon Faustus Hamzah ibn Talib al-Ta'i THL Mariette Dominique du Beau Lady Ilaria de la Volpe
A.S 54 (2019) Lord Floki the Ginger Lady Daphne or Keryes