Arts & Sciences

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"Arts & Sciences" refers broadly to all arts and sciences practised in the Medieval and Renaissance periods, and in the SCA generally excludes combat/martial arts. The term is commonly abbreviated "A&S", though when speaking or writing formally, or when speaking to a non-SCA audience, this abbreviation is best avoided.

A distinction commonly given between "arts" and "sciences" is that an "art" is an activity where the practitioner creates unique items, and a "science" is an activity where a series of very similar products is produced. For example, pewter casting is commonly defined as a science, whereas carving molds for pewter casting is an art. This distinction is a blurry one at best, however. Cooking, for example has elements of both art and science.

The Arts & Sciences office is responsible for facilitating the education of people both within and outside the SCA in the arts and sciences of the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

Arts & Sciences Include

The practice and display of SCA-period Arts and Sciences is nearly as diverse as the populace. Below is an incomplete list of Arts and Sciences practiced in Caid:

  • Bardic Arts (vocal and instrumental music, poetry, storytelling, etc.)
  • Brewing (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages)
  • Costuming (sewing, tailoring, haberdashery, cobbling, etc.)
  • Culinary Arts (cooking, feast preparation, recipe redaction, etc.)
  • Dance (research, teaching, performing court, country and ethnic dances)
  • Fiber Arts (spinning, weaving, embroidery, dyeing, rope-making, etc.)
  • Heraldic Art (flags and banners, armoring, garb, etc.)
  • Metal Arts (armoring, weapon-making, casting, blacksmithing, etc.)
  • Research (studies about all aspects of SCA-period life)
  • Scribal Arts (calligraphy, illumination, bookbinding, etc.)
  • Wood Arts (furniture-making, carving, pyrography, etc.)