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One of the most important skills throughout the timeframe that we recreate, archery was used for hunting, practice, and war. Archery played an important role in many battles and many cultures depended upon their skilled archers for defense as well as a means of conquest. In the Society, we offer options to participate in target archery, Thrown Weapons, and combat archery!

Archery Includes

  • Target Archery
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Combat Archery

    Target Archery

    Information on Target Archery goes here.

    Thrown Weapons

    Information on Thrown Weapons goes here.

    Combat Archery

    Combat Archery is the use of personal ranged weapons, Bow and/or Crossbow, on both the Armored Combat, and the Steel Combat Melee fields. Combat archery generally uses a lighter poundage bow/crossbow than Target Archery, and modified arrows/bolts for the safety of the fighters being shot at.